Squarespace Vs. WordPress: Comparing The Best CMS Platforms

Choosing a blog or other website publishing platform is a decision taken too lightly by far too many people. Your blog platform, or content management system (CMS), can greatly influence the size of your audience, the effort it takes to publish new content, and – if applicable – the amount of money you make online.


Squarespace Vs. WordPress: Both Sides of the Story


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16 Handy iPhone Apps for Mobile Blogging



The statistics indicate that small businesses with corporate blogs receive 55% more web traffic than small businesses that don’t blog. That’s why it is so important for companies to explore the possibility of adding blogs to their marketing and social strategies.



Blogging isn’t just writing posts. You have to choose images for your posts, monitor your blogging platform and analytics, market your blog and constantly think about new post ideas.

To keep your blogging activities flexible, there are several iPhone apps that you can use. This allows you to keep up with your blog no matter where you are.

These 16 apps will help you do just that. Add your favorite apps for blogging in the comments below.

16 Handy iPhone Apps for Better Blogging.

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Neuromarketing – Ads That Whisper to the Brain

A neuromarketing company tests volunteers’ subconscious reactions to images

by having them wear a fabric cap with brain sensors and an eye-tracking device.


WHAT happens in our brains when we watch a compelling TV commercial?


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Facebook upgrades mobile platform; brings two-way interactions to phones.

A Facebook phone? No. its an App that lets you talk to your friends. See the difference?


Facebook makes some upgrades to its mobile platform, releasing single sign-on and opening its location-based API more. The big news, though, was a Deals platform that brick-and-mortar merchants are sure to like.

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WARNING: Facebook “Like” Worm Spreading Through Javascript Exploit

WARNING: Facebook “Like” Worm Spreading Through JavaScript Exploit.

Thousands of Facebook users are being attacked by a nasty Facebook worm that forces you to “like” a Facebook page, which then automatically spreads it through a user’s wall.

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Connected TV: The New Battle for Your Living Room

Connected TV: The New Battle for Your Living Room [INFOGRAPHIC].

After years of false-starts and not-quite-there implementations, it appears that the connected TV revolution is upon us. Finally, consumers will have access to affordable technology that will let them access web content and content from their Macs or PCs from the comfort of the couch, without expensive HTPC setups or complicated software. The battle for the living room is finally here.

Three of the big contenders in this space are the new Apple TV, the upcoming Boxee Box, and the recently updated Roku XDS. All three units work without a hard drive and stream content in HD from the web to your TV. All three also offer the ability to access non-web content too (via add-ons or over a network).

How do these devices stack up when it comes to price, features and supported services?

3 TV choices for the future

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Premium WordPress Themes | MOJO Themes

A good collection  of premium WordPress themes

Premium WordPress Themes | MOJO Themes.

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